Fair Share Hospitals Collaborative Plan Mission

The mission of the Fair Share Hospitals Collaborative (“Collaborative”), a not-for-profit organization, is:

  • To provide the highest level of health care to all New Jersey residents, regardless of their ability to pay, by seeking fairness in distribution of State and Federal health care funding. The Collaborative’s particular focus is helping its member hospitals and health systems provide accessible and accountable care to their communities.
  • To seek fairness in the distribution of State and Federal healthcare funding in order to insure New Jersey hospitals’ ability to provide access and quality care to charity, Medicaid-eligible and uninsured patients throughout the State of New Jersey.
  • To advocate for the needs of its members as health care reform is developed and implemented.


The guiding principles of the Fair Share Hospitals Collaborative are to ensure that:

  • New Jersey residents have access to high-quality, cost-effective patient care at all of the state’s hospitals.
  • The state provides adequate funding for health care as well as fair and equitable distribution of those funds to ensure access to high-quality, cost-effective patient care, with such funding following the patients.
  • Hospitals are held accountable for their use of public funds to support access to and the provision of quality and cost-effective patient care.
  • State health care funding policy and distribution formulas should take into consideration the following:
    • All sources of government funding.
    • The total of all uncompensated care provided by each hospital and the burden of bad debt incurred by each hospital.
    • Hospitals cannot sustain cost shifting.
  • State health care policy should fairly distribute Graduate Medical Education funding to all teaching hospitals.
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