Virtua Health recognized as one of the top health care brands in the country

EVESHAM – A comprehensive research study of more than 25,000 consumers released this week demonstrates Virtua Health, again, ranking among the health care brand leaders in the United States.

In the 6th annual edition of “Humanizing the Brand Experience,” Monigle, one of the largest brand and creative experience companies in the nation, collaborated with the American Hospital Association and the Society for Health Care Strategy and Market Development to develop the latest report on health care brands. The study continues to be widely recognized as the most comprehensive and respected report in the industry.

Over the past three years, Virtua has advanced its position from 75th to 47th to 42nd in the United States. Additionally, Virtua has been ranked as the leading brand in southern and central New Jersey, ranking 13th nationally based on consumer intent to use and 21st in overall reputation.

Chrisie Scott, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Virtua Health, explains the research is so valuable because it empowers organizations to actively engage with consumers around what matters most to them as they navigate the complexities of health care.

“We are constantly interested in what steps we can take to provide the most trusted and personalized care,” she says. “Choices around health are some of the most personal and important decisions people make as consumers, and we want our brand to simplify as well as instill great confidence in those who select us.”

Scott says, “We are a listening organization that constantly seeks out and uses the voice and feedback of those we serve so we can serve them better. And, we invest in the resiliency and continuous learning of our team so that they can be their best and give their best.”

The report provides comprehensive data around how people make health care decisions beyond demographic segments and through a closer look at their mindset around their entire health care experiences. The brand metrics delve into behavioral, emotional, functional, and sensorial ways in which people interact with health care organizations in 64 markets across the country. Data have also unearthed emerging trends in how people manage self-care, health equity, and digital technology.

“We appreciate the deeper human understanding of diverse experiences that this research provides,” explains Dennis W. Pullin, FACHE, president and CEO of Virtua Health.

“We are proud that the study recognizes the purposeful journey around our brand that people are wholeheartedly embracing. Our message of being ‘Here for Good’ continues to resonate,” adds Pullin. “Our caregivers and colleagues are truly making a difference through the meaningful connections they are creating with members of the community.”

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